Treater Fire

Responding to Oil Field Emergencies– 4 hrs (Classroom Only), 8 hrs (with Hands-On)

COURSE DESCRIPTION:Often it is the front-line first response that is vital to preventing loss of life and containing property and environmental damage. The first responders to oil and gas incidents are usually local emergency response units, including rural and volunteer fire fighters. They are responsible for mitigating fires and other hazardous situations, ensuring safety or personnel and property, and communicating effectively with necessary parties. In most cases, these people are highly competent in conventional firefighting and emergency response practice, but may have no formal training or experience with the unique challenges and hazards posed by oil field incidents. For example, they may not know which procedures would prove most effective, how to contain the incident, and how to minimize personal danger. Similarly, they may know neither the types of hazardous chemicals or equipment to anticipate on site nor how to manage them safely. And most often, they would not know which parties to notify or how to contact them.  This class helps emergency responders develop the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively manage a typical oil field emergency.

The hands-on portion of this class provides students the oportunity to experience live fire training using fixed, live fire props at the Dickinson Fire Department training site.

PREREQUISITES: Recommended - Hazardous Materials Awareness Training

EQUIP. REQ: Classroom only - NONE, Hands-on - full PPE to include SCBA

COST: This class is funded from a grant through the Department of Emergency Services and is offered free of charge to members of the NDFA.

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